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Important COVID-19 Shipping Update

At Beautifully Bamboo, customer service is a top priority.  Our goal is to process orders in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, the world wide pandemic has affected the normal flow of many services including shipping/couriers. One impact of the global lockdowns associates with the corona virus is massive delays in shipping, primarily regarding International Orders. There are 4 main reasons for this:

  1. Shipping companies are not able to dispatch flights as much as they would usually due to different rules and regulations that instituted in different countries.

  2. Online orders have increased because physical stores in many countries are closed.

  3. Courier companies have limited manpower to process the increased amount of orders.  To provide a safe working environment for their staff, they have to limit production. There are thus more orders for less planes.

  4. Finally, the global supply chain is prioritizing other, essential products (such as medical supplies and personal protective equipment) over general retail goods.  

These factors are all contributing to unusually long delays. Unfortunately, we aren't able to provide estimated delivery dates due to the unprecedented times. 

We ask for your patience in receiving deliveries as this is a world wide, global issue.  Please continue to track your package via the link provided in your shipping confirmation.  We also suggest that you sign up for text/email updates via USPS.com and communicate with your local post office/mail carrier as they may have relevant information about delays and anticipated delivery times based on their first hand experience with incoming mail. 

At this time, domestic orders within the U.S. aren't experiencing  extended transit times.  

Thank you for your patience. We wish you good health and success.

-Beautifully Bamboo Team

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