Bamboo Silica - A New Approach to Healthy Hair Growth!

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  • Beautifully Bamboo Tea (Loose Leaf)
  • loose leaf organic bamboo tea
  • Beautifully Bamboo Tea (Loose Leaf)


Beautifully Bamboo Tea (Loose Leaf)

Organically Grown Bamboo Leaves and Stems.

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Now You Can Enjoy Beautifully Bamboo Tea in Loose Leaf

  • Bamboo is a grass with amazing growth power and strength because of its high silica content. 
  • With every cup, you take silica-rich goodness help to contribute to stronger, thicker hair, reduced shedding, and healthy growth.
  • Happy customers also boast of healthier skin, and stronger, longer nails.
  • Beautifully Bamboo Tea has a wonderfully mild flavor that blends exceptionally well with other teas or can be enjoyed on its own (with or without sugar).
  • Beautifully Bamboo silica tea is your newest beauty secret. Treat yourself to a delicious cup every morning or evening (caffeine free).
  • Don't take our word for it, check out what our amazing customers have to say about Beautifully Bamboo Tea.

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