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4 Herbal Teas That Naturally Boost Collagen Your Production

Posted on 07 January 2023

Collagen is the trending supplement that's gained a lot of recent popularity .  One of the most convenient forms of collagen are in the form of powders that are readily available on the market.  While collagen powders are a great option, they don't really fit into the vegan lifestyle.  Thankfully, there are alternatives available if you're looking to boost collagen.  Maybe you already take collagen powder and want to further supplement to enhance results.  If so, you should consider incorporating collagen boosting teas to reap the full benefits of what collagen has to offer. 

Check out this list of the top teas to drink that promote younger, healthier looking skin. 

 Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is on our list because it has one of the components necessary for healthy skin and collagen production, vitamin C.  We all know the immune boosting effects of vitamin C but rarely do we talk about the amazing benefits of our vitamin C intake.  The combination of antioxidants and vitamin C are wonderful for our skin's health.  Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen which is why drinking hibiscus tea is a smart move if you're already consuming collagen powder as a part of your wellness routine. 

 Green Tea

One of the most widely consumed teas is green tea.  Green tea has so many benefits for the body and our skin.  Green tea may not necessarily promote collagen production per se, but it does play a role in skin tightening and maintaining collagen levels.  As you know, collagen levels begin to decline in our 20's.  Slowing down the rate of decline is one of the ways to combat visible signs of aging.  

The vitamins and antioxidants found in green tea have the potential to neutralize free radicals that attack and break down the structure of the skin. Green tea can actually inhibit a collagen attacking enzyme (collagenase) from causing havoc to our skin.  If protecting collagen is a priority, you must include green tea consumption in your routine. 

 White Tea

Green tea is world famous for its benefits but we rarely talk about how white tea is one of the most powerful herbal teas if you're looking to boost your collagen levels. Like other teas, white tea contains exceptionally high antioxidant levels.  When researchers compared several types of teas on which would best prevent the breakdown of collagen, white tea far outperformed green tea in studies.  While green tea is a great option to help protect your skin against premature aging, white tea might make an even better choice, especially if you have more mature or previously sun damaged skin.

Bamboo Tea

The last tea on our list is our favorite because it promotes several beauty benefits.  Bamboo tea plays a powerful role in our skin's health because of its rich silica content.  Silica is a mineral that we have in abundance when we're young but declines as we age.  Coincidentally (or not), our skin's silica levels begin to decline at around the same time as our collagen levels.  

While the other teas mentioned in this article are proficient at helping to slow the breakdown of collagen, silica-rich bamboo tea can actually aid in collagen synthesis or the formation of collagen. And, like the other teas mentioned above, bamboo tea also contains antioxidants that help slow down the destruction of our skin cells.  

Another way bamboo tea can help promote healthy skin is by activating specific enzymes that play a crucial role in the formation of collagen and elastin.  Elastin is very important to skin health because it helps keep our skin bouncy and supple.  Beyond healthy skin, bamboo tea will also make your nails super-strong and will also promote healthier, thicker hair growth.  It's the ultimate hair, skin and nails tea. 

You must try it.  

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