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3 Ways Beautifully Bamboo Tea Helps Keeps You Beautiful This Winter

Posted on 14 December 2017

I don't know about you but winter does a number on my skin and hair. Brisk air and cold temperatures are enemy number one.  Not too mention that our internal circulation slows down in cold weather which may have a negative impact on our hair growth.  The good news is that Beautifully Bamboo Tea is here to help.

Promote Hair Growth

If you're determined to grow healthy hair, Beautifully Bamboo has to be part of your routine. This time of year, we tend to reach for savory comfort foods. These are typically devoid of essential micronutrients that support healthy hair.  We've got to make a conscious effort.  The good news is that a few cups of our silica-rich tea can help support your beauty goals. 

Support Healthy Skin 

Thee biggest struggle this time of year is maintaining healthy looking skin.  Part of the reason for this is due to lack of hydration.  When it's cold out, we tend to reach for coffees and lattes instead of increasing water consumption.  The problem with these other drinks is that they contain caffeine or sugar, neither of which are good for the skin.  Refined sugar destroys collagens, silica works to promote collagen production.  Bamboo tea helps keep you hydrated while nourishing your skin from within.  Feel free to combine our tea with your other faves like green or any other herbal tea to maximize the antioxidant power.

Save Some Calories

Lastly, we want to keep in mind that spring will be here before we know it.  Let's keep the number of sugar coffee drinks to a minimum because all of those calories add up. The great thing about bamboo tea is that it's super easy to enjoy without any sugar.  Enjoy as many cups as you like without having to worry about those pounds creeping in.  By the time spring and summer arrives, you'll be ready. 

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