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How to Get The Most From Your Beautifully Bamboo Supplement Challenge

Posted on 25 October 2017

So you've purchased a bottle of Beautifully Bamboo Hair, Skin and Supplement.

Now what? 

It's time to kick off your 30 Day Challenge! You start the challenge full of excitement about the potential benefits that await you. You vow to consistently take the supplements every day for maximum results. 

But is there anything else you can do to make your results even better?

Taking the supplements consistently is the first step. But, beyond that, there are some additional actions you can take to ensure the best results possible.


Beautifully Bamboo supplements are simply a concentrated form of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair.  The key word is "supplementation."  The capsules should be an addition to an already healthy diet.  Eating junk food will keep you alive but it doesn't supply your body with all the micronutrients it needs.  

When you add a supplement to a nutrient deficient diet, it helps, but your body may utilize the vitamins for essential bodily functions.  Instead, of just relying on the supplements, you can enhance your benefits by adding lots of leafy greens and other nutrient-dense foods. 

Get The Blood Flowing.

As you supplement your diet, your next priority should be to increase circulation.  When we move our bodies, we oxygenate the blood which delivers the essential nutrients to our skin and hair follicles.  You know how our skin looks flushed and healthy after an amazing workout.  Your scalp benefits in the same way!  If you've been eating healthy, the nutrient-rich blood will stimulate the hair growth that you've been wanting.


Eating healthy is key but don't forget to consume healthy liquids as well.  First on the list is water!  Water is life and too many of us don't drink enough.  If water isn't your thing, try adding in healthy, all natural juices that are low in sugar.  Don't forget to incorporate several cups of Beautifully Bamboo tea to really boost hydration while promoting healthy hair. Liquids deliver the nutrients to where we need it most so we must make them a priority.

Supplements are great and they can really help boost hair growth. Especially if we support them with healthy habits.  Let's nourish our bodies and make our 30 Days Beautifully Bamboo challenge the best one ever!


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