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Stress Related Shedding and how Silica Rich Tea could help

Posted on 19 October 2017

I'll never forget the day when we received an email from one of our customers.  She was in her early 20s and turned to Beautifully Bamboo tea to help address her excessive shedding.  

The stress levels in her life were at an all time high and the hair shed was just a symptom.  Desperate, she went online to find an answer.  

Her research led her to our website where she picked up a 60 day supply of silica rich tea.  Within days, she noticed a slow down in the rate of hair loss. 

In our opinion, just the act of enjoying a couple of cups of tea a day can help combat stress.  Sipping on warm, delicious tea is an act of self love and allows you time to stop and reflect.  Add to that the highly nutritious content that restores the strength and beauty to your hair, skin and nails, and you have the perfect recipe to combat hair loss.  I suspect that enjoying several cups a day also allowed for the proper delivery of nutrition to the scalp. 

Often times, when we're stressed out, we tend not to engage in healthy activities like drinking lots of water.  Water is not only nutrition for our cells, but it also creates a pathway to deliver nutrients to all areas of our body.  When our water intake is low, our hair follicles may not being receiving optimal amounts of nutrition.  But when incorporate liquid nutrition into your routine, your body responds accordingly.

So, sit back, enjoy your Beautifully Bamboo Tea ritual and experience the benefits.  

Here's an excerpt of the email we received from that amazing customer.


I absolutely love your bamboo tea. I recently started loosing hair from stress, and despite going to see a doctor, she only left me more helpless than before. My hair loss lasted almost two months. That's when I took the problem into my own hands, and through some research, I found your tea. After only two days, my problem was completely solved! I've been drinking one to three cups everyday and have seen incredible results. 

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