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Why Beautifully Bamboo Tea is the perfect way to complete your nightly beauty ritual.

Posted on 28 September 2017

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"Make sure to get your beauty sleep!"  I'm sure you've probably heard this saying repeated countless times. There's a reason for that.  As we sleep at night, our body is hard at work to repair and rebuild internally.  The more sleep we get, the more time we allow for that process to take place.  

What happens during the hours leading up to your bedtime can have a real effect on the body's repair systems.  That's why it's important to avoid certain activities like drinking caffeine or eating too late in the day. But what if you want to create a nightly routine to help you wind down?

One suggestion is to incorporate a cup of tea in lieu of an after dinner snack.  Not only is tea lower calorie (especially if unsweetened), it can provide some wonderful nutrients to help your body during the repairing process.  Beautifully Bamboo tea makes for a wonderful option because:




These three reasons alone make bamboo tea a wonderful addition to your nightly beauty ritual.  Sip a cup or two at night after dinner to help curb late night snacking while you enjoy the beneficial silica that can promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.   Plus it makes you feel good knowing that you're adding a beneficial step to your self-care routine.  

Our tea bags are ultra concentrated so you can enjoy multiple cups from one tea bag.  You can make a large batch in the morning and sip on several cups throughout the day. Give nightly tea drinking a try and see what difference it makes in your ritual. 

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