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Does Biotin Break You Out? Try Bamboo Silica Instead.

Posted on 16 February 2021

We've all experienced the excitement that happens at the start of a hair journey.  The possibility of regrowing thicker, longer hair with the help of supplementation seems very attractive.  Whenever you search for the best ingredient for hair growth, biotin typically shows up as a viable option.  

Biotin is great, but it comes with a negative side effect that no one talks about.

Unfortunately for many of us, biotin supplementation can sometimes promote breakouts.  Dealing with acne while you're trying to grow out your hair and nails is literally a worst-case scenario because now you have to deal with addressing post-breakout pigmentation.

Instead of having to deal with this horrible side-effect, why not chose a hair growth supplement that doesn't disrupt your skin?

This is what makes bamboo silica so powerful.  Not only does it help grow thicker hair and stronger nails from the inside out, bamboo also has the ability to actually improve the look and feel of your skin.  Without adequate silica, our collagen production might be compromised.  We want to improve our collagen production because collagen is absolutely necessary for thicker, younger-looking skin. So, instead of making you break out, bamboo silica can make your skin even healthier!

Keep in mind that bamboo tea is loaded with antioxidants which can also promote beautiful skin from the inside out.  We sold Beautifully Bamboo products to thousands of customers over the years and rarely do we hear of instances where bamboo caused acne breakouts.  In fact, the feedback is usually the opposite. 

Yes, biotin is cheap and readily accessible but at what cost?  

Not only do you experience thicker, healthier growth, but you also won't have to worry about any adverse impact to your skin.  Another little-known side effect of biotin that some people experience is weight gain.  You won't have to worry about that with bamboo silica.  If you replace your high-calorie drinks with unsweetened bamboo tea, you might even notice a little weight loss. Lastly, with bamboo silica, you won't have to think about excess hair growth in unwanted areas.  

Although bamboo silica and biotin are both great for hair growth, they can produce very different outcomes. If you're not happy with the side-effects that come with high-dose biotin, give bamboo silica a try and experience the difference. 

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