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Hemisqualane. The All Natural Silicone Alternative with Benefits Your Hair & Skin Will Love.

Posted on 18 April 2021

If you're on a journey to maintain healthier hair, one area of focus might be to eliminate ingredients considered harmful or counterproductive.  If you've already begun to eliminate ingredients like parabens from your hair routine, chances are that you're also looking for a suitable alternative to silicones.

Silicones are a popular hair care ingredient because it makes the hair follicle feel smoother, more tangle free.  There might also be a heat protection component to silicones.  Smooth, shiny, tangle-free hair sounds amazing, right?

But a what cost?

Silicones do a great job of controlling frizz.  One reason for this is because silicone is hydrophobic, meaning it helps to repel water. Great if you want to combat humidity, not so great if you want to maintain moisture levels within the hair strand.  And because silicones are a synthetic compound, it might promote build up over the course of time.  Excessive use of silicone products ultimately lead to dry, brittle hair.

So what is another option?

Squalane.  More specifically...hemisqualane.  What is squalane?  It's a plant derived oil that looks very similar in feel & texture to squalene (an oil produced naturally by the body).  Because squalane looks and feels so much like what our body produces, it's the perfect all around beauty oil.  

Squalane is a natural emollient that can lock in moisture into the skin and hair.  This wonderful oil has been touted as a great substitute for silicone.  Hemisqualane is everything you love about sqaulane but with a smaller molecular weight.  This makes it ultra-lightweight and easily absorbed. Squalane is so lightweight that it actually looks and feels like water than a typical oil. 

Squalane offers excellent slip and leaves your hair feeling softer without weighing it down.   It gets better, squalane also protects your hair color from fading while helping to prevent damage from excessive use of heat.  Lastly, hemisqualane is an excellent styling product because it leaves your hair shiny and healthier looking.

When used on the skin, hemisqualane is a light, dry oil that absorbs quickly.  It's the perfect oil to apply over your moisturizer without feeling greasy.  It boosts moisture retention leaving your skin feeling softer and more hydrated. Hemisqualane is great for makeup removal or oil cleansing.  Because hemisqualane is so unbelievably light weight, it's essentially the perfect summer face and body oil.

You'll love incorporating hemisqualane into your beauty routine.  Add a few drops to your facial moisturizer or apply to damp hair. Hemisqualane is guaranteed to become your favorite beauty purchase. 




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