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Why Bamboo Tea is Excellent for Hair Loss.

Posted on 23 May 2019


Hair loss can be complicated. There are a variety of reasons why your hair might be suddenly shedding more than usual.  External factors such as stress could play a major role but one of the first strategies to address hair loss should include enhancing your nutritional intake. 

A great place to start is by increasing your water intake.  Once you have that covered, the next step is by supplementing nutrients that your body might be deficient in.  One of the most abundant minerals in the body is silica.  Most people aren't aware of this.  Younger individuals have higher concentrations of silica in our bodies, but as we age, our silica levels quickly decline. 

If your diet is low in vegetables, you're probably not consuming much silica.  Even if you try to eat as healthy as possible, there's still the issue of poor soil quality which prevents vegetables from absorbing silica from the soil.  In order to get the most plant-based silica in your diet, why not consider going to the source?

No other plant can complete with bamboo when it comes to silica content.  When you drink a cup of bamboo tea, you access the silica in liquid form.  This helps the body to absorb the nutrient without having to go through the digestive process.  In theory, this means that silica tea from bamboo tea is highly absorbable and ready to be used by the body.

One of the main functions of silica is to strengthen bones and aid in the collagen-building process. Beyond that, adequate silica levels also mean healthier hair and stronger nails.  Silica helps strengthen our blood vessels which helps improve circulation to the hair and scalp.  Silica is important to help support the structural integrity of the hair.  In fact, hair strands with higher silica levels appear shinier and healthier.  Over time, those who drink bamboo tea consistently report experiencing thicker hair growth.  Consistency with drinking bamboo tea helps to enhance your results.  Your body will use the newfound silica to nourish your bones and connective tissue. As you silica levels continue to increase, your hair and nails will certainly benefit.

Don't take our word for it, try bamboo tea for yourself. 

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