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The Most Popular Hair Benefit of Drinking Bamboo Tea.

Posted on 12 May 2019

Bamboo_tea_for_hair_growth?Most people aren't aware that drinking bamboo tea can provide a slew of health and beauty benefits.  But once they learn of how bamboo is the most abundant source of plant-based silica, they're intrigued.  

You may not know this but silica is the third most abundant trace element in our bodies.  But, the older we get, the more our silica levels decline.  This is why we notice changes in our skin and nails as the years go by.  Unfortunately, conventional farming practices have impacted the nutrient levels in our soil. This means that we don't get as much silica as possible in our diets.  

Thankfully, bamboo tea is there to help supplement silica deficiencies.  There are countless possible benefits of adding bamboo silica to your regimen.  But let's talk about the one benefit we hear from our customers time and time again.

A lot of people who try bamboo tea are interested in the hair growth benefits.  And that is completely understandable.  But let's talk about the specific hair benefit that we keep hearing about again and again from those who've tried and loved Beautifully Bamboo tea.  

When it comes to hair benefits, the two that we hear repeated most often are "less shedding" and "thicker hair".  Typically, if you have active shedding, bamboo tea can help minimize this in a short time period.  Once the shedding has been taking care of, your hair can now have the opportunity to flourish.  

Let's talk about why I think bamboo silica promotes thicker hair.  One of the many functions of silica is to help transport nutrients to nutrients throughout the body.  Without silica, the calcium we absorb through our diet isn't transported to our bones.  It's also important to note that hair strength and luster is directly related to the level of silica found in the strand.  Simply put, the more silica you consume, the stronger your body and the thicker your hair becomes.  

For our customers, drinking bamboo tea or combining tea with our silica supplements seems to be a recipe for stronger, thicker hair.  Because silica has so many functions in the body (including being essential for collagen production), it's best to supplement daily to raise your overall silica levels.  Soon you'll notice a difference in the density and luster of your hair.  Some even notice a change in texture once they're consuming silica on a regular basis.

Are you ready to start your Beautifully Bamboo 30 day hair, skin, and nails challenge?

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