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Taking Collagen For Firmer Skin? Silica Can Help Boost Your Results.

Posted on 08 March 2019

When it comes to beauty supplements that are ingested to increase the health and vitality of the skin, collagen seems to be at the top of list.  In recent years, hydrolized collagen has experienced a major surge in popularity.  By taking a few scoops of collagen powder each day, you can possibly experience firmer, younger looking skin.  Sounds great, right? 

Lots of men and women are now faithfully consuming collagen powder on a daily basis.  If you've ever purchased collagen powder before, you know that it isn't cheap.  You're making an investment in the health of your skin and joints.  If there was a way to maximize the effectiveness of your collagen, would you be interested?

Taking a collagen supplement is great but what I told you that if you're taking a collagen supplement alone, you're body may not be experiencing the full benefits.  The truth is that your body makes collagen through the help of two other necessary nutrients.  One of the nutrients is vitamin C, the other is silica.  Some companies have caught on and started including vitamin C in their formula but they're still missing silica as a critical component in the entire process.  

Why is silica so important? Silica's job is to ensure that connections are made between collagen and proteoglycans.  Proteoglycans are proteins that make up a major portion of the "filler" components in between our cells.  Another major role of proteglycans is to make collagen more resiliant and to bind to water to increase hydration in the skin.  Water retention is also critical to the repair and renewal of skin. Without silica, proteoglycans and collagen can't link up to create your healthiest skin ever.

No one talks about how critical the silica's role is in helping to ensure your collagen cells are optimized.  But now you know.  And we're here to help.  Beautifully Bamboo offers a wide range of silica rich products to support your healthy skin journey.  Soon we'll include pure bamboo silica powder that will blend easily with your favorite collagen powders.  

Until then, feel free to check out our bamboo tea! 


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