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Bamboo vs Horsetail. Which form of Silica Provides the Most Results?

Posted on 26 June 2018

Whenever you search for a source of plant-based silica online, usually the first results often suggest horsetail.  While horsetail is an herb that does contain silica, it can not compare to the power of the mighty bamboo.

Let's discuss.

We believe that horsetail secured its place as a high-quality plant source of silica because wonders of bamboo silica weren't yet actualized. If you take a look at them individually, there is no comparison.

If you're looking to maximize the amount of silica you consume to really kickstart your hair & nail growth, why not reach for the best source?  

When you break down the nutritional content of both plants, you'll realize that horsetail has, at most, maybe 10% silica.  That doesn't even compare to bamboo which is made up of 70% silica.  DId you know that, technically, bamboo is actually a grass.  But it's the tallest grass in the world thanks to the incredible amount of silica it contains.  Some varieties of bamboo can grow up to several feet a day.  

Now that is pretty incredible.  

No wonder that those who switch from horsetail to bamboo notice a visible difference.  Nails become stronger, less brittle. Hair is thicker, more resilient. Even your skin and bones benefit from incorporating silica into your daily supplement regimen.  High potency bamboo silica will always produce greater results than its counterpart.  If you're still debating between horsetail and bamboo silica, just know that there's no comparison.   Bamboo silica is clearly the superior choice. 

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