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Here's How Bamboo Extract Powder Can Protect Your Brain Health

Posted on 12 September 2019

organic bamboo silica powderWhen most people think of incorporating bamboo silica into their nutritional supplementation routine, they typically think about the beauty-related benefits associated with bamboo extract.  The regular consumption of silica can support healthy hair, skin, and nails.  But did you also know that bamboo also helps provide powerful brain benefits as well?

I had a conversation with a friend who wanted to try bamboo tea for the first time.  When I told her how bamboo tea is high in silica, she mentioned how she heard that people who drank silica-rich water (like Fiji) seemed to experience improvements in symptoms related to Alzheimer's and dementia.

I was shocked to hear this so I immediately searched online to see if there was any truth to this theory.  It didn't take long to find examples of both lab studies and individual experiences to support the idea that silica is an essential nutrient for brain health and cognition.

How so?

There seems to be a link with exposure to aluminum and the onset of Alzheimer's.  Aluminum is in our drinking water, our deodorant, our dental fillings, beauty products, even in flu shots.  It's almost impossible to avoid aluminum exposure nowadays.  Aluminum accumulates in the brain tissue causing a noticeable decline in cognitive function.  Recent studies have shown some promising results in the potential improvement in memory and brain function simply by incorporating silica to your regimen.

This study, in particular, was done on rats who were given silica rich bamboo extract for 7 weeks.  The animals were made to perform a series of tests that required proper memory function.  The rats that were given bamboo extract for 7 weeks experienced a measurable improvement in memory and performance.  How so? Scientists believe the bamboo extract was able to help regulate the activities of key enzymes are degrade neurotransmitters in the brain.  When we consume silica, it converts aluminum in the bloodstream to a soluble compound that can't enter the bloodstream and is thus excreted out through our urine.

There's an inspiring story online shared by an individual who used silica-containing water as a part of a therapy to improve age-related memory decline for her mother in law. In her experiment to help slow the progress of her mother-in-law's dementia, she incorporated Fiji water (which contains silica), along with various other supplements that support brain health.  After following the regimen consistently, they observed an improvement in her MIL's cognitive levels which impacted her daily functioning.

Fiji water is great but it's a little bit on the pricier end.  Another option could be to add the recommended amount of organic bamboo silica powder to your favorite beverage.  By consuming silica-infused beverages, your body is more likely to excrete harmful aluminum via urination.  This is exciting news that can benefit everyone.  

I don't know about you but silica water will certainly become of a part of my regular daily routine to ensure a lifetime of brain health. 



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